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The Reality Of The Theatre World

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Hey guys!! [Jan. 28th, 2004|08:03 pm]
The Reality Of The Theatre World


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So livejournal is being weird and wont let me post as a normal user, so heres a random username I made, but I am the maintanier of this little community. So your probably like WHAT IS THIS so I'm here to tell you...

I was just scanning random lj communties and came upon about 500 that said I LOVE THEATER LOVERS or THEATER IS THE BEST COME TALK ABOUT IT! Which is fine, but what pissed me off is the couple communities that say I AM THE NUMBER ONE BROADWAY STAR or I'M GONNA BE THE BEST EVA! These people piss the HELL OUTTA ME! They are so nieve to the fact that it is very VERY difficult to get THAT far in your acting career, and some director doesnt just sweep you off your feet and take you off with him. So basically this community to rant and rave about REALLY annoying people like that, and to talk about yhour struggles, accomplishments ect in the world of theatre. So tell your friends and FREAKING JOIN!!